Chords For Begginers

All Chords For begginers, Start With This Chords And Learn Guitar With Easyest Ways

You are begginer and don't know how to play chords? start with easy chords and learn here,
1)first is E Chord ( first fret third string, seccond fret fourth and fifth strings)
2)the next one is A Chord (seccond fret seccond,thirth and fourth strings)
3) D Chord ( seccond fret first and thirth strings, thirth fret seccond string)
4) G chord ( seccond fret fifth string, thirth fret first and sixsth strings)
5) The Next One Is C Chord ( First fret Seccond string, Seccong fret fourth string And third fret fifth string)
6) E Minor Chord ( seccond fret, fourth and fifth strings)
7) A Minor Chord ( first fret seccond sting, seccond fret tirth and fourth strings)
8) D7 Chord ( seccond fret seccond string, first fret first and third strings)
9) A7 Chord ( seccond fret, seccond and fourth strings)
10) F Chord ( first fret first and seccond strings, seccond fret, third string and third fret fourth string)

Picture To See How It Works


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