JINGLE BELL ROCK (Guitar Chords)

On this Post you can learn how to play "Jingle Bell Rock" (By Bobby Helms) on guitar,  music released 1957, genre Is Christmasrockabillycountrypop
"Jingle Bell Rock" is an American popular Christmas song first released by Bobby Helms in 1957 (after it was recorded in October 1957). It has received frequent airplay in the United States during every Christmas season since then. "Jingle Bell Rock" was composed by Joseph Carleton Beal (1900–1967) and James Ross Boothe (1917–1976). Beal was a Massachusetts-born public relations professional and longtime resident of South Ocean Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Boothe was an American writer in the advertising business
music link avaliable here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfLf7A_-1Vw
Guitar chords used:

F#m; G; Am; D7; C; A7; E7; 
Easy chords, easy tabs, 
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Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock


Jingle bell swing And jingle bells ring

            D7        Am         D7       

Snowin' and blowin Up bushels of fun

Am                     D7

Now the jingle hop has begun


Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock


Jingle bells chime in Jingle bell time

             D7        Am          D7

Dancin' and prancin In jingle bell square

A7     D7    G

In the frosty air


What a bright time It's the right time

To rock the night away


Jingle bell, time Is a swell time


To go glidin' in a One horse sleigh


Giddy-up, jingle horse Pick up your feet


Jingle around the clock

Am                       C

Mix and mingle In a jinglin' beat

A7             D7        G

That's the jingle bell rock

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